Monday, April 15, 2013


With spring in the air, and summer looming, I got quite a craving for yummy, light.... shoes! I ordered 2 pairs from  (a great discount site that I can only say positive things about).

I went on thinking I would just find a pair of boat shoes to feed my craving, but after browsing the 100+ options, I found myself torn among the dozens of color-combinations, subtle style changes, and glitzy prints and textures.  I narrowed it down to two pairs.

The gold pair is Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish 2-eye, and the silver pair is Sperry Top-Sider Laguna.  The gold are more of a classic Sperry style, but taken up a notch with the metallic gold finish and rough burlap side details.  The silver pair are designed to be more of a mocassin-like style, but still appear to be very much a boat shoe.  Both are water-resistant, and so comfortable!

So, I think you can guess what happened... I got both, but hear me out! I think they'll be great for all of spring and summer (the gold can probably work in the fall too!).  I can wear them to work, shopping, out, and hanging around on the Cape.  I put together the outfit below the other day for work.

Royal Blue Skinny Pants - Express
V-neck T-shirt - Banana Republic
Animal Print Sweater - Old Navy
Silver Studs - Ann Taylor Loft
Silver and Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors
Silver Shoes - Sperry Top-Sider

All in all, I think this outfit was a nice balance of color, neutral,  eye-catching accents like the animal print, shoes and jewelry. It was also so comfortable, without looking sloppy. 

Happy feet signing off!

Is there a article of clothing or accessory that screams spring/summer to you? 

Do you own a pair of Sperrys? Do you love them? 

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