Thursday, April 18, 2013


After Monday's incident at the Boston Marathon, a multitude of feelings arise: anger, sadness, fear, anxiety...  For the people directly involved, and masses of Americans, we are grieving and processing through this horrific time together.  

It is human nature to want to feel helpful and hopeful during these times of incredible despair.  This does not negate the emotions that we are all continuing to reel from after Monday.  On the contrary, these moments of hope allow us to move forward through our grief. 

Despite the great horror, there have been acts of valor, kindness, and humanity that allow us to see the good and rise up against the fear and hurt.  These moments of hope and spirit should be noted, enjoyed, and internalized in a way that helps heal the broken hearts of so many Americans.

If you missed the National Anthem at the Bruins game on Wednesday evening, the clip is linked to the picture below.  As our country heals and comes together, our strength is resurged by our resilience.   Use the good you see during this time to combat the fear and evil, as you heal yourself and help & pray for others.  

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the people of Boston, first responders, victims, families, and friends. 

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