Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Arm Candy

Spring has sprung around here, and it always makes me feel like I need to organize and clean everything around me.  The problem is, I sometimes get hyper focused on less important projects.

So this past weekend, cleaning floors and doing dishes lost the battle for my attention, and my blingy costume jewelry got my focus.  Organizing my jewelry became a matter of critical importance for me.  Seriously, it was like I was obsessed.

I plan at some point in the future to get a gorgeous jewelry armoire for my bedroom, and some drawer organizers as well for the overflow.   Lust-worthy...

However, we will probably move in the next year, and hopefully will purchase some new bedroom furniture (as we just have our bed on a frame and dressers handed down from my grandparents).  I don't want to spend money on anything until I'm sure what our "someday" bedroom will look like.

A girl can dream, right?!

So, I began to get creative with where to store my jewelry.  I used an old basket for dumping bracelets, but then realized it didn't serve my type A personality to not be able to see everything at once...so I used some old paper towel rolls, some patterned contact paper, and pretty ribbon and created small displays to house my arm candy!

As an added bonus, the rolls fit perfectly atop my basket, so it's almost like they're propped up on display.  Most of my bracelets are hinged or hooked, so they're easy to get on and off.  Some are stretchy or bangle style, so I put those near the end, and with a quick untie of the bow, they slide right off.  

I keep some of my nicer, real jewelry in boxes, so I just placed those in the center of the basket.  This is not my ideal choice for organizing, but it was cheap, simple, and will keep my arm candy neat until I'm ready for something more permanent.  Another added bonus, they'll be able to be packed and moved great this way! I'm also thinking of making a smaller one out of a toilet paper roll for traveling.

Do you have any quick, affordable tricks for spring organizing? 

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