Friday, August 16, 2013

Where did the summer go?

Oh my gosh...well, that was fast! Last I posted I was thinking about all of the things I was looking forward to this summer...and whoooosh, just like that it's just about over! I've been bad about blogging, but not by choice.  M used my laptop, and it kind of crashed.  

We put it aside, said we needed to get to the Apple Store, and then made no real effort to do so.  I was desperate the other day to get something done for work, so I tried to boot it up (does anyone still say that?!), and it worked! Looks like it just wanted a summer vacation too!

Despite being bad at blogging, I was pretty good at taking pictures. We have had something 8 of the 9 summer weekends that had us pack our bags (they actually stayed packed all summer) and get on the road.  Here's a little recap in mostly pictures!

Wedding in Brooklyn for M's best friend growing up:

One weekend break, then Cape Cod with his family and my family for the 4th of July:

All the dogs were there!
Rhode Island for a Soccer Tournament for GirlsCan (I coached in their Summer Elite Program):

Saratoga NY for a family trip to the horse races:

Cape Cod for another trip, only my family was up there this time:

Pennsylvania for another GirlsCan tournament (last of the summer season):
Dunkin' for breakfast, and surprised to see a Hooters attached to it!

GCF Coaches

Cape Cod again, this time only M's family was up there:

Saw the coolest meteorite shower

Some of us were more excited about it than others!

Golfing in the rain
Sanddollar Cookies!
Off to my sister's house this weekend to go out to dinner for her anniversary, and to tackle her Sunday long run with her (she's training for a half marathon). The boys will probably play golf on Sunday when we run.
Happy Anniversary Tara and Mike!

So, as you can see it's been a crazy busy, but amazingly fun summer! I'm sad to see it end...but there's a few great days left to it! 

What was your favorite weekend event this summer?

Did you go away at all this summer? If so, where?

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