Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Excitement!

With there only being 1 real week of school left (although I'm working an extra week for curriculum development), my summer feels right around the corner! Yes, I know I'm extremely lucky to have a month and a half off in the summer, and I appreciate all it allows me to do! Here are some things I'm looking forward to!

M and my 2nd wedding anniversary! We'll do something low key that night, and get dinner out.  I might try to make a cake that's one of the 2 flavors from our wedding (Double Chocolate- my choice  or Strawberry Shortcake- his choice).  We'll be heading up to the Cape the following week, which is where we got married...and will probably stop by our church and reception locations, just for fun!

Long walks with Stella! She definitely gets the short end of the stick during the school year, but in the summer I can spoil her with lots of outside time!

Mike's Birthday! It's a few days after the Fourth of July, so it's nice to get an extra day with him right around his birthday (he'll have a day off).  This year, we'll be up on the Cape for it, and I'll bring him some surprises for up there! 

Coaching soccer! This year is my will be my first time coaching a girls club for the month of July (I coached a freshman high school team for a year).  They practice 3 times a week, for 3 hours, and we take them to a few tournaments.  It's a really cool concept, and I'm super excited to get back into soccer (I played all through high school, college, and still play in adult leagues).  The summer is the perfect time to use my extra hours towards a fun, new venture.

Beach trips, and lots of 'em! I go to the beach with M, friends, my mom and sister, and solo all summer long.  Even if it's only for an hour or so, I love being at the beach and summer wouldn't feel quite the same without it. The beach by our house is 6 minutes away, so it's so convenient.  Bag below is packed to the brim with sunscreen and cool drinks.

This is silly, and it gets me in trouble with M sometimes, but on a totally hot and humid day, I love cranking the AC, getting under a blanket, and snuggling with Stella.  I'll usually do it after the beach when I'm waiting for him to get home. It's a total indulgence, and I know our electric bill takes a little hit each time I do it, but it's a guilty pleasure I just can't quit!

Naps and reading outside. My favorite! Anything outside really is, and I love trying to get every moment I can in the fresh air in the summer. 

Fishing with M, or waiting on the shore for him with Stella.  He'll go out on the boat or on the jetty, and  I usually just wait to see what he catches.  I don't actually do any of the fishing, but I do enjoy the fruits of his labor- fresh caught tuna and striped bass for dinner! 

Summer sunsets! I usually actually get bummed about sunset, the end of a me weird, but I much prefer sunrise.  In the summer, it's different.  The sunset is so much later, you feel like you got in a full and complete day before it, and we usually have something fun planned for after so our day goes on! They're also so pretty!

Hikes and dog park walks.  Again, this goes back to just wanting to be outside.  We try to vary what we do, and taking a trail walk gives us a change of scenery, and Stella loves being off leash.  

Golf! I recently started playing because M loves it, and he kept encouraging me.  I like playing in the afternoon, and only 9 holes (or I get too bored), but it's really a fun way to spend time with M and be outside.  

Saratoga! I went to my first horse race last year, and loved it (although I do get nervous and feel bad for the horses, but M assures me they have a pretty nice life).  This year we're going to Saratoga for a weekend, and I'm excited to explore a new place, and see the horse races.  I do like gambling, since you can spend a whole day and shell out a small amount, and I get really excited to go see the horses close up when they're in the stalls. 

Fire pit! There's nothing better than ending a fun day sitting around the fire and enjoying the evening.  I usually get some sort of treat to enjoy while lounging- ice cream is a favorite! 

Taking Stella swimming! She loves it soooo much, and it brings me so much joy to see how simply happy she is to be in the water.  That's M's family's dog, Tucker, in front of her.  She tries to keep up with him, and surprisingly does pretty well! 

All in all, my favorite thing about the summer is having so much extra time to be with M, my family, and my friends.  Being a teacher has it's perks, and I would say having bonus time to spend with the people I love is one of the biggest ones! 

What do you love doing in the summer the most? 

Any other ideas for easy, simple, and inexpensive things to do outside in the summer? 

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