Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day in Pictures and Captions

Memorial Day weekend is always a time I spend with family and friends, appreciating our freedom and the amazing, strong, free country that we're blessed to call home.

Headed up to the Cape for a cloudy, misty weekend...which meant the beach was less than packed (someone manning the beach check in)

Mike, his little brother, and I made dinner one night...lots of seafood and clams casino (which I can't say I helped much with!).  I was in charge of the salad and side dishes! 

 Yes, I like holding my dog like a child...and she's not embarrassed to admit, she likes it too!  My husband's family's dog, Tucker- the most well-behaved dog I've ever met.

The guys did a little fishing in the river, while I played around with my camera.

Leaving the Cape in the evening.  "Red sky at night, sailor's delight!".  We were able to enjoy the beautiful Monday back in CT.

At my parent's house, with their dog, Eli.  He's a goldendoodle puppy (about 10 months old).

Hugging Eli, when Stella wasn't looking...she gets a bit jealous.

I saw you do that, Mom!

Shark-shaped Linzer tart cookies from Chatham (here's a link to the Chatham/Shark history).  I was so excited about these, and they were very good.  As my brother in law describes them, "They taste like the most delicious Pop-Tart you've ever tried."

All in all, Memorial Day proved once again to be a weekend full of family and fun, and most importantly a time to count our blessings and pay gratitude to all those who serve and have served to fight for our country.

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